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Clay Maxwell Jordan, “ Nothing’s Coming Soon ”

Clay Maxwell Jordan, “Nothing’s Coming Soon

about carl martin:

The Carl Martin photographs, taken in Athens, Georgia, over a span of twenty-five years, is a meditation on the nature of what it is for a human being to see and be seen – how do we present ourselves to the world and how is that presentation received – what does it mean?

about Occasional Picture stories:

James Marvin, Bill Boling, George Miles & Dawn Kim contribute photos and stories that explore meaning buried within place and people. Co-published with Outlaw Books.

About Watershed

Watershed: The Tennessee River examines the complicated environmental effects and consequences of large-scale modernization in the Tennessee River Watershed.

True Places
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about true places

Jack Carnell’s book is a welcomed pause in our fast-paced modern world. True Places encourages us as a reader to slow down and appreciate the richness of our surroundings, especially in the seemingly mundane.


ME. Here Now explores collective memory and how our relationships to space define our perceptions of ourselves and our environment. 


Classic documentary photography, at its best, is a transcendent path back to the people of another place and time. Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink is a royal road to that special time in 1972-1973 — when the love generation in America was at its height. The U.S. was reeling from years of war and turbulent social change and progress, but the early 70s was still a time of innocence and exploration. Sweetheart shows us the joyful vigor, fashion, and play of that young crowd searching for fun, escape, and identity in a roller rink on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida.



This sumptuous case-bound edition features twenty-six black and white photographs, each corresponding with letters of the alphabet. Pulled from Debbie Fleming Caffery's deep archive, this book reimagines in an expansive way the essential experience of every childhood — our ABCs. Caffery's Alphabet reaches hearts and teaches minds how the alphabet can play with photographs.


Grace’s study "represents the yin and yang of America... In Grace’s America, the ordinary meets the absurd, veneration and irreverence coming in unexpected and delightfully humorous ways, a lighthearted joie de vivre soothes a violent vein, and the sanctity of the individual competes with our continual drive toward collective direction. Indeed, what is perhaps so prescient about Grace’s condensation of the past is how much it resembles the basic structure of our present.”

- Brett Abbott, High Museum of Art Curator of Photography


Bottom of da Boot focuses on the people and places of the disappearing communities of Isle de Jean Charles and Pointe-aux-Chenes on Louisiana's fragile coastline. With photographs taken between 2005 and 2011, Kael Alford documents the lives of the people living in their eroding environment, as they honor the legacy of their Native American and French lineage.