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Carl Martin


A limited edition photo book by photographer Carl Martin

“As a transaction, taking a photograph sounds free and easy, but like most things, quickly complicates. The currency of Carl Martin’s pictures is the cash of curiosity; time well spent in the presence of a new neighbor, in a friend’s backyard. Earnest, ongoing delight in discovering a new way to witness what’s familiar. These are pictures of persistent freshness.” - Michael David Murphy (excerpt from an essay in Carl Martin)

The Carl Martin photographs, taken in Athens, Georgia, over a span of twenty-five years is a meditation on the nature of what it is for a human being to see and be seen — how do we present ourselves to the world and how is that presentation received — what does it mean? Ultimately this is not a document that is specific to a place or time. It is more akin to a universal canvasing and inventory of the human condition in the ordinary. Yet this plain, clear taking-in with a camera and film places us in closer touch with the quirky, transcendent living presence of Carl's Athens, Georgia, neighbors and friends than you might have ever have imagined possible. We feel we are looking through Carl’s eyes. And we are amazed. Supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship these photographs found Carl and fortunately they have now found us all. A beautiful, truthful portrait in almost sixty pictures of our time and place and people. Fall Line Press is grateful to have a hand in moving this book into the world, and we are grateful to our friends on Kickstarter for helping us make it happen.

With two essays from writers, and brilliant photographers in their own right, Michael David Murphy and Tim Davis. This book is fully designed, but it still in the production phase. By pre-ordering the book you ensure that you have a copy before this limited-edition book sells out. This book will ship out in September 2018. Thank you!

  • Fall Line Press, 2018

  • ISBN: 978-0-9986490-4-7

  • 37 color plates 21 B&W Duotone Images, 2 essays

  • 80 Pages

  • Hardcover, Cloth-bound

  • 9.5" x 11.675"

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