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Stacked: Pre-Order


A limited edition book featuring the photographs and drawings of Matt Haffner.

About the Book: Haffner’s photographs and drawings take us on a visually rich, visceral walkabout through that peripheral zone of the United States that is so easily overlooked. Like reflections in the restless 10,000 lenses of an insect’s eye, Haffner’s kaleidoscopic collection shows us the beauty, the humor and the pathos in America’s over abundant, but often barren, material banality. This document teaches us what a careful artist’s eye can find: allowing us to linger and take in what we usually filter out. Stacked speaks in a different voice and with an exuberant seeing that plows new ground.

With an essay from writers and photo blogger Jonathan Blaustein. This book is fully designed, but it still in the production phase. By pre-ordering the book you ensure that you have a copy before this limited-edition book sells out. This book will ship out in October 2018. Thank you!

  • Fall Line Press, 2018

  • Edition Size of 500

  • Hardcover, 140 Pages

  • 94 Color Plates

  • Dimensions: 14” x 8.5”

  • Ships in October 2018

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