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Miracle BABY



Fall Line Press is excited to present Rocio de Alba's Miracle Baby - a handmade monograph documenting her journey through the legal system with her husband as they fight to adopt his son from a previous marriage, who was found by a bus driver as a two year old, left shivering in the cold by his biological mother. It's a powerful read, as thorough as a case file and as compelling as a diary.

The book was the focus of a panel discussion and exhibition at the Elder Museum in Nebraska. It also earned a finalist position at the Festival Documental in Barcelona, and in April 2017 the book was selected for the INFOCUS Exhibition of Self-Published Photo books at the Phoenix Art Museum, as well as being published for CNN. 

Miracle Baby includes:
1 x Case file simulated photo book
1 x "Our Journey" pamphlet (behind the scenes)
1 x Navy folder with pockets

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