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Fall Line Press is excited to announce our newest book: “The Bully Pulpit” by Haley Morris-Cafiero


A spread from Jack Carnell's book   True Places

A spread from Jack Carnell's book True Places

Learn more about   3 Cent Farm   ,  the country home for some of our workshops & residencies.

Learn more about 3 Cent Farm, the country home for some of our workshops & residencies.


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the photographers: in their own words

Learn a little more about some of the artists behind the Fall Line Press publications.


Clay Jordan, the photographer of Fall Line’s upcoming release, Nothing’s Coming Soon, on his process:

"For my photography, I normally drive around until I find something or someone that compels me to stop and examine further. It's hard for me to say exactly what I find interesting in my subjects — it could be anything from how the light catches an object to how one stands or moves. "


Bill Yates talking about taking the pictures in Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink:

"Regardless of one's social, educational or economic background, we, as a nation, were all affected by these ongoing changes. As I recall, the kids and their families were working-class folks for sure, some maybe even dirt-poor, but that made no difference at Sweetheart — all were welcome. They were there to skate, dance, have fun, do crazy things that kids do, and grow up. Kids were kids then, and today's kids are no different. They're just facing a life that is thrust at them so much faster, at light speed."


Carl Martin, the photographer behind the upcoming release Carl Martin, speaking a bit about his process:

"My practice for over twenty-five years has been to acknowledge and elevate existing culture using the intersection of subtle human gesture and a built social environment. Say, a casual side-glance, a slight shifting of weight on one leg, the fold and tone of a particular arm, or the slight body-twist and raising of face just over the shoulder to engage a viewer, within a sub or urban setting. I think that artists create moments with perspective and gesture to define a new entity. I believe that these entities can speak to our humanity and experience as human beings and communicate a link and alignment within ourselves to others.”


Jack Carnell on taking pictures in the South as a Northerner, many of which ended up in True Places.

"As a born and bred Northerner, I was captivated by the small places of the South; it appeared as though I was visiting a different and foreign land. I was reminded of the Walker Evans’ photos from the 1930’s and the William Faulkner novels I had read in college. I liked the South, and I felt a rapport with it, enjoying the people that I met and the places I visited. And I came to feel the same way about small towns everywhere, increasing my meanderings closer to my northern home as time allowed."


Corinne Vionnet, the photographer behind Me. Here Now, in an interview about her past project Photo Opportunities:

"As a people, we are certainly seeing more travel. Before, these special moments were photographed and remained in our photo albums. These albums were shared with close friends and family, representing our 'wonderful holidays'. This intimacy has disappeared with the Internet, where millions of pictures have been muddled up, becoming anonymous."


Matt Haffner about making his upcoming book Stacked. Fall Line Press will be releasing this book of Matt's photographs and drawings in October 2018.

"Stacked demonstrates a love of the great American landscape: the backroads, the small towns and the people who inhabit these spaces. This body of work has been made over the last three years during road trips with my family — staying in our vintage 1961 Shasta Airflyte camper, we travelled over 10,000 miles and criss-crossed 25 states. The resulting images show the quirky and idiosyncratic personality of a human-altered landscape; a humorous and somewhat melancholy view of a rapidly disappearing way of life, which exists on the periphery of the cities and small towns we traversed."