April Book Club Recap!

April Book Club

A big thanks to all who came out and participated in our April Book Club last Thursday night. Publisher Bill Boling lead the discussion about the photographic archive. We discussed three books: In Almost Every Picture #4 by Eric Kessels, The Hidden Mother by Linda Fregni Nagler, and Dead Men Don't Look Like Me by Paul Schiek. All three artists use the archive in different ways. Kessels tells a story with his books - although the viewer is left to fill in a lot of the blanks. And interestingly, everyone has a different opinion. Nagler uses the archive in her work as a typology of the so-called "hidden mother" photographs prevalent at the turn of the twentieth century. In Schiek's photobook, he uses the archive to explore a stereotype of maleness through 1950's mug shots found in an abandoned Georgia prison.

This is our second book club, and we plan to do them bi-monthly (look out for the next one in late June). Each meeting will have a theme or an artist as the focal point, and the chosen books will be available on our website or in our bookstore leading up to the event. One of our goals at Fall Line Press is to establish an appreciation and education of photobooks - our book club is one way we achieve this. And we're always open to comments or suggestions, so if there is something you're interested in exploring, let us know!