Fall Line Press Publishing Workshop

Fall Line is excited to offer its first workshop for artists and writers pursuing publication.  Set in the old country store of “3 Cent Farm” in the heart of O’Connor Country – Georgia’s classic literary and art belt near historic Milledgeville, Georgia - the workshop will be a unique and transformative experience.

During this half-day workshop, Fall Line’s Publisher, writer and artist William Boling, and guest teachers and friends will lead a small group (limited to 8) participants through a discussion of a dozen effective approaches to sharing art, writing and vision through publishing. Consideration will be given to a range of publishing options including artists books, self-published art and photo books, independent presses, as well as Zines, on-line and other traditional and non-traditional forms of “getting your work out there”.  

Attention will be given to the practical nuts and bolts of the process as well as the creative side. The heart of the workshop will be to work together in the small group setting to examine and “brainstorm” with each of the 8 creator’s projects – where each project might go and how it might get there. Thus the group size is limited to no more than 10 and participation is subject to a review of proposals and selection to the workshop. The purpose of the review and selection is to insure that the workshop includes a range and quality of projects that will make the group discussion worthwhile for everyone. The goal is not to critique but to provide positive and hopefully transformative discussions that will ‘lift all boats’ and result in the energy and vision helpful to getting each project on track to publication.

If interested, please inquire with Meghan@FallLinePress.com

The workshop cost is $150 and must be paid immediately upon acceptance to the workshop.