Yuichi Tanizawa, “Because I was young”

I recently started interning with Fall Line, and this past week I spent an afternoon indulging in the collection of photo books here in the reading room. This book stood out to me because of its focus on how our relationship with the world around us can be altered over time. For me, these images are about exploration, expansion, and re-connection with something lost: a former self who is available to connect with the world without inhibition.
— Melanie, Fall Line Press intern

Tanizawa’s book is filled with colorful images of people and landscapes. Some of his images are of a single human interacting with space, often reflecting upon it or expanding into it, while his other images are of landscapes without a human presence. He opens his book by writing about the purity of our youth and his longing to clear the boundaries between us and “the world”, boundaries that he believes are set in place and maintained by our daily responsibilities and socialization by society. He suggests that perhaps we are most connected, and in a sense, wisest, at our birth.  His writings and photographs aim to explore how it is that we can reconnect with a former, purer, self as we continue to age and participate in a society that may impose certain restrictions on us.  

Want to see more of Tanizawa’s images? Come spend an afternoon in our reading room to view his book and other photobooks. We also have a number of new and used books available for purchase in our bookstore and online.