Dave Anderson, “ONE BLOCK”

I am the new intern who was recently promoted to master “art hanger!” My passion for photography started back when I was in junior high school. That was the first time I got my own film camera. I have always been a visual person more than a person of words ever since I was small. That is what really drew me to want to intern at Fall Line Press. Being surrounded by great photobooks and photography everyday when coming to this reading room is like being in heaven to me.  — Elena, Fall Line Press intern

When I came into the reading room this morning, one book in particular caught my eye. Hurricane Irma had just blown through Florida and Georgia and this was the first day to be able to get out and about and back the reading room.

This book focuses on a single New Orleans block from 2006 to 2010 as it undergoes a transformation after Hurricane Katrina. Although the cameraman built this book around the houses on a physical block, when I started flipping the pages what popped off the pages were the people whose lives were dramatically affected by the damage wrecked on their homes.

The community that existed before and after the storm, the desire to have their homes returned back to how they were previously, but more importantly the resilience they demonstrate as they cling to hope through their journey to build back their lives.

The Fall Line reading room has gigantic windows that allow in soft sunshine that reflect off the plain white walls. With your favorite coffee in hand, you will no doubt be able to gently flip through the pages of this book and walk away with the sense you just made a whole block of new friends.