British Interns Visit North Carolina

Perhaps the best thing about interning at Fall Line is the people you end up meeting along the way. Our UK interns’ last weekend was spent visiting Rob Amberg and his wife Leslie at their amazing place in the smoky mountains, near Marshall, North Carolina. 

We originally met Rob at the workshop back in September, and he invited us to stay - an offer we really wanted to take up before we left. We shared many laughs, rambled in the woods (or tripped through the woods in Jess’s case), met a great person called Cedric who makes large format cameras, and ate delicious food out of heavy clay bowls.

Another highlight included making bricks at the old jailhouse art project in Marshall, dancing in a barn dance, and taking part in a cake walk. (For international readers - a cake walk is quite literally, a walk to win a cake. A musical chairs game of sorts.)

All in all, it’s been such a highlight and a great way to end an amazing couple of months. Oh, and if you ever meet Leslie - make sure to ask about her encounter with a particularly aggressive rooster. You won’t be disappointed. 

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