A Note from Bill Boling

Fall Line Press is excited about the opening of the Fall Line Bookstore featuring some of the best new indie press photobooks that are available today. Over the past several months the Fall Line crew has been deeply grateful and encouraged by many friends and the art community that have come together at our Westside Arts District space to support Free Fall and the book signings we’ve been fortunate to sponsor. We think that together with the reading room, a bookstore that focuses on the photobook and stocks a carefully selected offering of some of the best new releases, will continue to extend the progressive conversations and collaborations around photography, the book, and the arts in Atlanta and the region. Please come out Saturday from 5 to 8, join your friends and be with us for our launch and let us know what you like and what you want to see more of. Thanks.

-Bill Boling, Publisher

These books and more will be available Saturday!