Abe's Penny... Heard of them?

Allow us to fill you in… Two sisters Anna and Tess Knoebel started Abe’s Penny in 2009. Once you subscribe to Abe’s Penny (and you really should), you’ll receive a postcard a week with an image and writing. Each month, a new photographer and a new writer is featured. The short and accessible “stories” aim the change the way audiences, both overstimulated and overscheduled, consumes art and literature. 

FLP is a big fan of Abe’s Penny. It’s innovative (always a plus), high quality and fun. Our bookstore has back issues for sale - 4 postcards in a package featuring one photographer and one writer for $12. They’re a great way to get your feet wet and introduce yourself to the concept. 

They also publish Abe’s Peanut, a similar version for kids.

More just arrived today, so stop by over the weekend to check them out!