American Faith by Christopher Churchill

Our newest shipment of books had some very exciting titles, including books from artist Ryan McGinley, Mark Steinmetz, and William Eggleston. Among this group of amazing artists, one book stood out to me. American Faith by photographer Christopher Churchill is composed of a beautiful pairing of personal stories and photographs. The idea of faith has been explored many times, but Churchill touches on it in a new way. He shows people of all different faiths and walks of life, and has them explain how their faith affects their lives, and what faith means to them. There is a photo of an American soldier standing alone. His story speaks of why he is in the military and what it means for him and his family, and the faith that keeps him going everyday. This story is what really drew me in. What kept me was a portrait of a woman sitting in her work place, who talks about believing little bits of everything, even Native American spiritual beliefs. From alien encounters to mega churches, devote fire and brimstone Christians, to young Muslims who feel like they just do not fit in, this book connects to anyone who has faith in anything. Very quickly it has become a favorite among my personal collection of books.


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