Best Sellers at FLP

Our bookstore has been a little over a month now. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve met new friends. We’ve had great events. And we plan to keep it up. Thanks to everyone who has supported us by buying books, coming to events and spreading the word. We couldn’t have done this without you. Truly.

Below (in no particular order) are a few of the titles we’ve sold out (or come close to) in our first month. Don’t worry, most are back in stock. So, if you see something you like, we’ll see you soon?

Golden Palms by Ed Panar (J&L Books)

Crushed by Jason Fulford (J&L Books)

Noplaceness by Jerry Cullum, Catherine Fox and Cinqué Hicks (Atlanta Art Now)

Colorset 3 Vol. 1 by Rinne Allen and Susan Hable

Watershed by Jeff Rich (Photolucida)

Abe’s Penny