Free Fall? What's That?

If you follow our blog, twitter feed, facebook page or receive emails from us, no doubt you’ve gotten a few reminders about our upcoming event Thursday, Free Fall Release Party. Some of you have been around from the beginning, but many of you are new followers and you might be wondering exactly what Free Fall is.

Free Fall is the brain child of William Boling (FLP Publisher) and Michael David Murphy (FLP Editor). It started in June 2011 with Atlanta photographer Laura Noel. Laura was no stranger to the world of publishing, having self-published several books. The launch party of Free Fall was a huge success, and we have very few first issues of Laura’s left.

Laura Noel

But Laura wasn’t done after that first publication. Each artist makes 4 issues over the course of a year. The idea is to give photographers a freedom, one that embraces the benefits of collaboration coupled with the tactile experience of analog books. As a viewer, you see the photographer’s story unfold over the four issues.

Free Falls are printed as an edition of 50, and sold individually for $15. You can buy a subscription to one artist which will include all four of their issues for $50 ($60 if you want them shipped to you). In addition, there are 10 special edition subscriptions which include all four issues by an artist plus a print for $150. The special editions are a great way to support your favorite Free Fall artist.

This Thursday will mark the fourth and final issue of Laura’s Free Fall experience. We’ve been lucky to have her on board from the beginning for her wisdom.

William Boling

This Thursday will also mark the beginning of William Boling’s Free Fall journey. Yes, he’s the publisher, but also a photographer ready for the challenge of creating Free Falls for a year. Boling’s are sure to be quirky, fun and slightly absurd.

Maury Gortemiller

In addition, Maury Gortemiller will release his third issue. A graduate of UGA with a MFA in Photography, Maury now lives in Lexington, VA where he teaches at Washington and Lee University. Athens photographer, Carl Martin will release his second issue. Carl graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 1982, and he’s been a staple around Athens and Atlanta art scene for many years.

Carl Martin

All the photographers will be present on Thursday night from 6 to 9 PM at the bookstore. We’ll be ready to answer your questions, sign your copies, and throw back a few drinks with us!