Mandy's love for J&L Illustrated #2

Here at Fall Line, we hope to introduce you to books you may not be aware of, but you definitely should be. Intern extraordinaire Mandy tells us about one of her favorites, J&L Illustrated #2 below.

As I searched the shelves of our book store, my eye was immediately drawn to a small book with purple edges (purple being my favorite color) and home-made quality that intrigued me. J&L Books has made it into my heart forever with this book, J&L Illustrated #2. Comprised of about 50 wacky illustrations and 10 equally as interesting short stories, this book may very well be the most entertaining book I have read in years. Every page is filled with wonderful surprises. Even the editor’s note turns into a science fiction story that leaves you wondering what is real and what is merely fiction. A favorite illustration of mine, just to give you an idea of what is in store, depicts a small group of cats shooting lasers from their eyes igniting birds and humans alike. If you have an interest in green slime from beyond, super heroes, or just stories about normal people having grand adventures, this book has somethings for you.