Q&A with Nikita Gale

Chances are if you’re around the Atlanta art scene, you’ve bumped into Nikita Gale at some point. Not to mention all the recent press she’s been getting lately! We’re thrilled to have her as our next Free Fall artist, and excited for you to see her first issue. To wet your appetite, read a little more about Nikita below, and join us to celebrate on July 12th from 6 to 9PM.

FLP: Tell us a little about yourself…

NG: I like art, summer nights, winter mornings, Georgia, being in the mountains, e.e. cummings poems, looking at NASA space photos and 80s movies… And other things, but those are several of them.

FLP: What excites you most about being a part of Free Fall?

NG: Wow… everything about it? Having the freedom to create a project specifically meant for print is really exciting to me, but I think the part that is most exciting is just having the opportunity to be included in a project with so many other incredible photographers: Maury, Michael, Carl, Laura and Bill. It’s amazing, and I’m kind of in awe that it’s even happening.

FLP: You call yourself a photo-based conceptual artist, so what’s the differentiation for you from being a “photographer”?

NG: I definitely do a lot of non-photography work - work that is a lot more text- and language-based that can’t really be considered photography, so I think the term photo-based conceptual art encompasses the majority of what I do. 

FLP: What’s your idea or concept for your Free Falls?

NG: I think I’m going to be all over the place with my Free Falls. I usually work based on whatever ideas are really relevant to me at the time that I’m creating work, so one issue may be heavily text-based and another may be all straight photographs. I want my Free Falls to be intuitive like the rest of my work. 

FLP: Favorite photo books?

NG: This is a tough question… There are so many, but my little brother got me Annie Liebovitz’s A Photographer’s Life for Christmas last year. That is a book that I can go back to again and again. Really beautiful and simple.