Two Paths Press + Creecy

While we still aspire to be known for our photography books, we branched out to support a local museum on the publication of their first book. We started an imprint called Two Paths Press where we hope to do more of these kinds of books - that is, working with small and mid-size institutions on projects seminal to their mission and collection. 

We jumped at the chance to work with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia on a monograph for celebrated Georgia painter - Hebert Creecy - the most renowned artist of abstract expressionism in the South. The book coincides with an exhibition of his major paintings at the museum. The exhibition is on view until August 20th and it's well worth a visit. 

The book features essays by Dan R. Talley (Professor at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and co-founding editor of Art Papers); Beth Gardiner Lytle (PhD from Emory University and former MOCA GA intern); Annette Cone-Skelton (Director of MOCA GA and friend of Creecy); and the transcript of a conversation with several of Creecy's friends and colleagues (Shephard Ansley, Alston Glenn, Alfred Kennedy, and Annette Cone-Skelton). In addition to the texts and plates of major paintings, the book features numerous sketches, photographs of Creecy and photographs of his studio. It's truly a tribute to the celebrated painter, and we're honored to be associated with it. 

Some pictures of the book below. Enjoy! 

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Kickstarter Campaign: Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink

We're excited to be a part of this wonderful project. Bill Yates, an outstanding photographer, recently unearthed a collection of 800 vintage prints and film negatives he shot back in 1972. I can tell you that looking at them feels like stepping into a time machine. He had stumbled upon the Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink outside of Tampa, FL when he was 25 years old, and spent almost every weekend there for 6 months with his medium format twin lens camera, documenting a moment in time that lots of folks remember... suburbia or small town America, roller rinks and hangouts where we’d escape, listen to music, have fun with friends, let loose, and grow up. It’s a visual time capsule that is truly a sight to behold. 

Some word from Publisher William Boling:

Bill Yates’ Sweetheart is a recently uncovered masterpiece that reveals, in a candid and clear-eyed way, a time that you only thought you knew. The photographic gaze of the twenty-five-year-old Yates is exceptional. Freshly returned from his tour of military service, Yates was still young enough to understand and relate to this crowd – but no longer part of their world. There is a raw power of deep seeing here. His camera and stance toward his subjects assumes nothing. And therefore it reveals everything. This document is one for the ages. We are fortunate to have it, and Fall Line Press is grateful to be associated with bringing it to you.

Documentum on New York Times Lens

We were thrilled to wake up to a flurry of emails about the feature of Documentum on the NYT Lens blog today. Special thanks to Jonathan Blaustein and Lens blog crew for their support. 

That connection between the digital and the real drove Documentum to summon pictures out of the digital sphere and into the physical world. "They were created digitally," Mr. Boling said, "to exist in a digital world. They're the ultimate virtual reality image. Here we are, digging them out of the VR, and sticking them back into real life, the RL."



Documentum on ArtsATL

Special thanks to Virginie Kippelen and the crew at ArtsATL for the review on Documentum and the exhibition up currently at {Poem 88}. Atlantans - the exhibition is up until March 26th, so pop over to the show if you haven't already! Or order your copy here!

"Instagram Series brings a digital medium back to its analog roots, causing viewers to pause and reflect on the fast-paced evolution of our various communication platforms."

- See more on ArtsATL

Fall Line Press Publishing Workshop

Fall Line is excited to offer its first workshop for artists and writers pursuing publication.  Set in the old country store of “3 Cent Farm” in the heart of O’Connor Country – Georgia’s classic literary and art belt near historic Milledgeville, Georgia - the workshop will be a unique and transformative experience.

During this half-day workshop, Fall Line’s Publisher, writer and artist William Boling, and guest teachers and friends will lead a small group (limited to 8) participants through a discussion of a dozen effective approaches to sharing art, writing and vision through publishing. Consideration will be given to a range of publishing options including artists books, self-published art and photo books, independent presses, as well as Zines, on-line and other traditional and non-traditional forms of “getting your work out there”.  

Attention will be given to the practical nuts and bolts of the process as well as the creative side. The heart of the workshop will be to work together in the small group setting to examine and “brainstorm” with each of the 8 creator’s projects – where each project might go and how it might get there. Thus the group size is limited to no more than 10 and participation is subject to a review of proposals and selection to the workshop. The purpose of the review and selection is to insure that the workshop includes a range and quality of projects that will make the group discussion worthwhile for everyone. The goal is not to critique but to provide positive and hopefully transformative discussions that will ‘lift all boats’ and result in the energy and vision helpful to getting each project on track to publication.

If interested, please inquire with

The workshop cost is $150 and must be paid immediately upon acceptance to the workshop.

Book Signing and Artist Talk: Alicia Collins, Emma Elaine de Càrdenas and Matt King

We've stumbled upon some great photobooks produced by local photographers, and we're eager to share them with you...

Alicia Collins has recently been published and awarded accolades in such magazines as PDN Photo Annual 2015. Her deeply personal project examines her relationship with her mother, and their history in order to rewrite their own brand of personal truth. 

Emma Elaine de Càrdenas' "Photo Notes" is a visual analysis exploring the power of place in the activation of memory and longing. She works with historical photographic process such as albumen, platinum/palladium, silver gelatin, and cyanotype.

Proud Atlanta resident, Matt King's projects include a long standing series of unflinching self-portraits. Veneers is an invitation to view the surface underneath; taking a look at what such masks represent and what they hide.

Thursday, November 12, 6:00 - 8:00PM
675 Drewry Street NE, Suite 6
Atlanta, GA

Book Signing featuring Kathleen Robbins and E. Brady Robinson

We're excited to have Kathleen Robbins and E. Brady Robinson visit our shop for a book signing! Both will also give a brief artist talk about their books and projects. More about their books below...

Capturing the rich contrasts of the land and the intimate history of generations in the Mississippi Delta, "Into the Flatland," by Kathleen Robbins, is a series of photographs documenting the terrain, people, and culture of her ancestry. The photographer returned to her family's farm Belle Chase as an adult in 2001 after completing graduate studies in New Mexico. She and her brother then lived there for nearly two years, breathing life back into family properties that had been long dormant. The book includes a short story by Cynthia Shearer, a National Endowment for the Arts recipient, and a forward by Tom Rankin, director for the Center for Documentary Studies. 

"Art Desks" by E. Brady Robinson began in Washington, D.C. in 2011 and features photographs of the desks and working spaces of artists, curators, art dealers, and critics throughout the East Coast. This series explores the idea of desk as portrait combined with the social experiment of navigating the art world. "Art Desks" is published by Daylight Books with essay by Andy Grundberg.

Saturday, May 9, 1:00 - 3:00PM
675 Drewry Street NE, Suite 6
Atlanta, GA

Recap of An Evening of Tintypes!

Our Evening of Tintypes with Kendra Elise was a success. A huge success. Our small office space was packed for 2+ hours. Kendra made close to 20 tintypes in those 2+ hours. And everyone who came had a great energy about being there, having their portrait made and watching the whole process (which became somewhat of a performance art itself!). Below are some pictures from the event - special shout out to our intern Patricia Villafane for snapping these!

Kendra Elise Tintypes: Thursday at 6PM

We hope to see you Thursday for A Night of Tintypes with Kendra Elise! Starting at 6PM she'll be taking portraits for $60 (a steal, really). Afterwards she'll talk about her plans to travel the country with her husband in their tiny house, do tintype workshops and pop-up photo booths (like the one at our event!) along the way. We'll also have several pieces of her work for sale as well - a preview of images is below. If you have any questions about them, please contact Meghan Walter at See you Thursday!