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Searching for Mu


Searching for Mu by Paul Cupido has sold out - except for these two copies exclusively held for Fall Line! 

Searching for Mu is tantamount to an ongoing quest: 'For this work I have journeyed nearly as far away from home as possible. Nevertheless, a journey outward equally means an exploration of our inner selves. A journey inward searching for acceptance that life comes to an end, yet at the same time knowing that life is circular, starting over time and again.'

During the summer of 2017, alongside some prints, the book was on display at Foam Amsterdam. His work was included in Belfast Photo Festival 2017 where Cupido was also awarded an artist residency. For The Hariban Award 2017, Cupido was awarded the Juror’s Choice Award.

106 pages, limited edition of 200, self-published.

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